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Buy One Set And Get One Set FREE: Self-Centering Drill Bit Set

$29.90 $89.99

"This is a fantastic little bit. It saves a lot of time & hassle. Build quality seems very well, movement is perfectly linear (drill not touching the enclosing barrel), and holes are dead center without the need to scribe, punch, or mark. I don't know how I've managed without it. 😅- James P., TX

Get a great discount on our Self-Centering Drill Bit Set while the SUMMER SALE is on. Once we sell 500 sets, we will be increasing the price back up to $89.99.

ATTENTION: This Listing is Buy Set One, Get One Set Free. You will be receiving TWO sets for the price of $29.90.


  • Quickly and easily drill well-centered holes with the Self-Centering Drill Bits! These bits increase your productivity on the job while improving the overall quality of your work!
  • The Self-Centering Drill Bit is built with a spring-loaded guide that centers the bit
  • With perfectly aligned positioning, you’ll create a clean and professional final product
  • The Self-Centering Drill Bits come in 4 different sizes, ensuring you’ll always have the right sized bit for any job
  • 5/64 ", 7/64" is good for drilling holes in smaller hinges and hardware like decorative boxes
  • 9/64" is ideal for medium to full size hinges and hardware
  • 11/64 is perfect for door hinges, gate locks and all large hardware
  • Suitable for professionals and DIYer


  • Dimensions: 5/64 ", 7/64", 9/64 ", 11/64"
  • 5/64": the opening diameter is about 0.08" (2 mm), using 0.09" - 0.11" (2.2 - 2.8 mm) self tapping screw
  • 7/64": the opening diameter is about 0.11" (2.8 mm), using 0.12" - 0.14" (3 - 3.5 mm) self tapping screw
  • 9/64": the opening diameter is about 0.14" (3.5 mm), using 0.16" - 0.18" (4 - 4.5 mm) self tapping screw
  • 11/64": the opening diameter is about 0.18" (4.5 mm), using 0.20" - 0.22" (5 - 5.5 mm) self tapping screw


  • 4 x Drill Bits
  • 1 x Hex Key

We will send you 2x Self-Centering Drill Bit Sets for the price of one!