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SuperComfy Compression Blanket

$59.90 $139.99

"Our 8 year old son Billy can be a bit challenging to keep in bed early in the night and the compression blanket has helped him settle quicker. He likes the elastic type pressure that he can push against and also let it hold him firmly. It saves blankets from being pushed off the bed too. 😄" - Lizzy W., CO 

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  • The most effective tool to calm your sensory kid, helpful for kids who have trouble falling sleep, tossing and turning before sleeping, also it's suitable for kids to settle down to sleep by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged
  • The SuperComfy compression blanket wraps snugly around your mattress (like an open ended pillow case) and provides deep pressure input with compression, rather than weight
  • Breathable and lightweight yet holds kids down enough to make them feel secured
  • It allows for more free movements than weighted blankets and it is easy to install


  • TWIN/SINGLE BED: 38 x 58 inch / 98 x 147 cm
  • FULL/DOUBLE BED: 53 x 58 inch / 136 x 147 cm
  • QUEEN BED: 63 x 58 in / 160 x 147 cm